Simply Framed + Sustainability

Simply Framed is committed to sustainability, striking a balance between packaging that best protects your frame and minimizes environmental impact. Since our inception, we've committed to reducing, substituting, and eliminating wasteful packaging without compromising the quality or integrity of our product.

When possible, we use recyclable and reusable materials, and we are committed to reusing and recycling what we can at all framing locations. We pledge to continue to minimize our environmental impact by implementing new processes, reengineering our packaging, and adapting for less waste and a cleaner tomorrow.

Pines by Max Wanger Print Shop framed in our White Gallery frame.

Here are 10 ways we've engineered our packaging and processes to work towards a better planet—and how you can help us by planting a tree with every frame ordered between now and Earth Day with One Tree Planted!

  1. Our frames are shipped in double wall cardboard boxes and trays that can be reused or recycled.
  2. At our Ohio location, we use green bubble wrap for frames smaller than 30x40”. This bubble wrap has already been recycled once and can be recycled again wherever #4 plastics are accepted.
  3. Metal frames are made of aluminum and any scraps left over from production are recycled.
  4. We reuse our shipping tubes and boxes whenever possible.
  5. When frames are cut in error, we reuse them for special projects or donate to organizations in need, including Habitat for Humanity.
  6. In 2017, we removed kraft wrapping in our packaging, saving more than 30 trees every year since then.
  7. We send 100% of our invoices electronically to reduce paper waste.
  8. Our California location does not use bubble wrap, shipping in custom boxes made to frame size with recyclable corner inserts that protect the frame.
  9. Simply Framed Black Label frames larger than 36x48" are shipped in reusable wood crates.
  10. This Earth Day week we are donating to One Tree Planted to plant 1 tree for every frame ordered. Be sure to order your frame between 4/16 and 4/22 to plant a tree along with it!
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