The Fall Season’s Best Neutrals

Fall is around the corner, bringing sartorial cravings for the crisp and timeless. We swap summer’s colorful trends for beloved staples like our camel-colored coat, black turtleneck, chunky gray cardigan, or elegant leather crossbody.

Like your fall fashion favorites, our neutral Gallery frames are versatile, chic, and sure to withstand the test of time. Available in Gallery Classic, Gallery Wide, Gallery Mid, and Gallery Deep, these frames are easy to pair with artwork of all sizes to create a perfect ensemble that will never go out of style. Scroll for inspiration to help you get started.


It doesn’t get more neutral than a clean and cool White Gallery frame. We particularly love it for custom framing pieces with a lot of color, as the minimalist style allows the art to really stand out—especially when hung on a white or pale wall.

maisonette office custom framed art
One benefit of our White Gallery frame? It scales up really well. Case in point: these oversized photos in Maisonette’s Brooklyn headquarters, designed by Ariel Okin and shot by Seth Caplan.

Jenni Kayne lake house custom framed art
The Jenni Kayne Lake House embodies casual California style—with art from Uprise Art custom framed in White Gallery frames providing the perfect pop of (neutral) color. Photo by Tessa Neustadt.

custom framed art bright white metal gallery frames
Bright White Metal Gallery frames are another modern option—and the perfect, barely-there accompaniment to Sarah Weily’s collection of eclectic Hattie Stewart prints.


Looking for a neutral frame that leans a bit more boho? You’re looking for our Natural Gallery frame. It’s got the same clean lines as Gallery in White, but with a subtle wood grain that feels, well, natural. We love it for framing perfectly imperfect art forms like screenprints and block prints, photographs, and anything inspired by nature.

natural gallery frame
The grain in this Gallery Mid in Natural really complements the organic nature of the Block Shop Textiles print hanging in Festoon LA.

natural gallery frame
Gallery Wide in Natural perfectly ties this soothing Max Wanger print into the rest of a laid-back, mid-century space.

natural gallery frame
Botanical prints—like this one by Plant Planet—were made for our Natural Gallery frame. Photo by Katherine Sheehan.


Don’t be afraid of the dark. Black Gallery is great for custom framing graphic prints, saturated colors, and (of course) black and white photography—and it has the unique ability to remain neutral while adding just the right amount of drama.

black gallery frames
Citizen Atelier curated this artwork for Erin Foster’s beautiful home. Chanel Grenade by Magnus Gjoen is in a Black Gallery frame, and the floral print is framed in Black Gallery Wide. Photo by Team Woodnote.

black gallery frame
This bedroom is filled with so many pretty details, but the eye is inadvertently drawn to the oversized, abstract print by Daylight Dreams Editions framed in Black Gallery above the bed. Shop the entire Modern Glam space via Spaces by Brooklinen, featuring art curated and custom framed by us.

black gallery frames
Angela Fink’s personal travel photos custom framed in Black Gallery frames offer a moodier take on a classic neutral palette—and we’re very into it.

Feeling inspired to custom frame your art in a timeless, neutral frame? Shop our entire collection of Gallery frames at

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