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Will my piece be mounted? Can I specify this anywhere?

Posted by Daisy Briceno on Oct 28, 2013

Mounting depends on the size and the condition in which your piece arrives. We take great care of your pieces and will review each piece carefully to ensure it is mounted properly, however our standard methods are as follows:

  1. Hinge-mount most art prints, photos or certificates smaller than 24x30 to an archival, acid-free foam board with archival tape.
  2. Floating requires adhering the print to an acid free foam core back or mat using acid free ATG or archival tape. Depending on paper type and thickness, we will select the method that works best with your paper type.
  3. Dry-mount anything larger than 24x30 to a heat-activated archival, acid-free foam board.
  4. Dry-mount all posters or photography above size 11x14 that do not easily lay flat (in most cases posters need this to undo the time spent rolled up).
  5. For Max Plexibox orders, textiles are sewn to linen. All other pieces are floated over a hidden acid-free foam core lift which is then mounted to the linen.

While dry mounting is irreversible, it is a safe and reliable way to ensure your piece does not appear rippled inside the frame over time. Additionally, we have found that in many cases dry-mounting can alleviate creasing on paper. As a reminder, we are using archival, acid-free foam board so you can rest assured your piece will not get discolored over time. If you have specific questions or requests, email us or enter detailed notes in the comment section of your order.

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