Case Study: Spaces by Brooklinen

Spaces by Brooklinen
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In 2019, the company that brought us “the internet's favorite sheets” launched 'Spaces by Brooklinen' creating shoppable rooms organized into three aesthetics; Earthy Minimalist, Modern Glam, and Relaxed Industrial.

The concept was focused on curation, quality, and simplicity.

The Challenge:
Brooklinen wanted a seamless shoppable experience that made it easy to find home decor, without having to visit multiple sites per category. Like a very tightly curated department store, but just for the bedroom. They hand-selected trusted makers including a range of artisans and brands who give as much attention to the creation of their products as we do, including Simply Framed.

Leveraging our network, we brought together 6 artists bridging individual art and large-scale e-commerce. Each room aesthetic contained 3-4 curated pieces of framed artwork. This collaboration put all 6 artists in front of millions of new home shoppers, introducing them to a new audience that might not have otherwise discovered their work. Shop all art from the collaboration, here.

Trade Tools:
  • Simply Framed’s Network of Artists - As a member of our community, we are always looking for new ways to put the spotlight on our partners–whether it be designing our Gallery Walls or merchandising their work into a new eCommerce platform, like Spaces by Brooklinen.
  • Integrated with Revcascade - With an in-house tech team, we are able to integrate with external ordering systems– like Revcascade, SPS Commerce, or other alternative ecommerce platforms.
  • Simply Framed’s Customer Success Team - Partnering with us means you and your customers get the support of our customer success team. We take pride in our 1-to-1 customer service and we’ll communicate directly with your team, or directly with your customer and can even copy your team if needed.

Featured Artists:

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