Additional Tools & Features

Looking for the easy button? View our tech features and tools below to see how you can streamline your account and the ordering process. 

Shopify App

  • Our custom Shopify App, Simply Framed Print & Frame, is a back-end fulfillment tool that connects your Shopify products to the custom Simply Framed frame or print profiles.
  • Benefits include: 
    • Consistent and easy ordering
    • Approve orders from within the Shopify interface
    • Bulk checkouts
    • Automated fulfillment notifications sent directly to your customers

3rd Pary Shipping 

  • If you prefer to use your own carrier or are drop shipping for another company, you can upload your own shipping label and or packing slip at checkout. 
  • 3rd party labels are $6 per line item.

      Your Order Number

      • Enter your internal order number at checkout to easily identify the number in your Simply Framed order history.

      Session Information

      • Select session information from the account drop-down to clear your cart or share your cart ID with a Simply Framed team member.

      Product Mockups

      • Png Mockups
        • Once you're done customizing your frame inside the Designer, save a digital mockup of your design by clicking on the download icon at the bottom of the screen. Your digital mockup will save to your downloads as a high-res png
      • Psd Templates
        • We offer a variety of blank and stylized Photoshop templates for each frame collection. You can use these templates to create digital mockups of your artwork. Templates can be downloaded for use here.
      • Photoshoot Recommendations
        • We recommend purchasing a Frame Only Kit with no acrylic. This allows you to swap out the artwork as needed and avoid capturing unwanted glare in the photos.