Things to know before using our Shopify App

Before you start

What is the Simply Framed Print & Frame App?

Read below and check out our intro video here.

The Simply Framed Print & Frame App is a Shopify App that automates framing and printing fulfillment for Trade partners with a Shopify platform. 

    • Bulk checkout capability with shipping to multiple addresses
    • Intuitive all-in-one interface for product syncing and order placement
    • Secure in-app image upload and storage
    • Order review; choose to cancel an order or edit the shipping address before checkout
    • Automatically populated pricing for accurate margin reporting 
Not included:
    • Automatic payment. The app will automate the ordering process up to shipping method and payment information. To complete the ordering process, click proceed to payment on the app 
    • Frontend design. The integration does not push any design elements to your site; it is strictly a backend tool. We’ve added a high res image download feature on our designer, so that you can easily create assets for products on your site.


How does it work?

The app will link products in your Shopify store to Simply Framed products (Favorites). No need for manual order entry. Once the app is set up, you can automatically populate your Simply Framed cart by
    • Viewing the orders tab
    • Approving the selected orders
    • Clicking proceed to payment


To automate fulfillment with the Simply Framed Print & Frame app, please complete the requirements below. If you are still in the early stages of setting up your Shopify store, integrating your products to Simply Framed products on the app will be one of the last steps before launching your store.

  • Create Your Shopify Products
    • Printing & Framing products in your Shopify store must be complete and set to active. For instructions on how to add products to your store, view here.
  • Set Up a Simply Framed Account
    • New to Simply Framed? Apply for our Trade program here.
  • Create Your Simply Framed Favorites 
    • All Shopify Products must have corresponding Favorites created under your account on Review how to set up your Favorites on Step 2: Set-Up
  • Review Your Print Files*
    • If you are looking to print with us please have your print files ready for upload and review the file resolution at each offered print size. Read our tips on checking your image resolution here. 
                   *not required for Mail-In or Frame Only products