Simply Framed - Print & Frame Guide

Are you ready to cut out manual ordering from your day-to-day so you can get back to the studio? Automate your printing and framing fulfillment with our Shopify App: Simply Framed - Print & Frame

Complete set-up and start fulfilling orders in the three steps below or view our video guides here.

    1. Before you start

    a. What is the Simply Framed ‑ Print & Frame App?
    b. How does it work?
    c. Requirements

      2. Set-Up

      a. Build Favorites
      b. Download the App
      c. Sync Products
      d. Upload Files

          3. Managing Orders

            a. Checkout from Simply Framed Print & Frame
            b. Fulfillment Notifications

              Questions? You can find additional resources in our Help Center here. 

              Banner photo courtesy of LANA'S SHOP