Collection: Wooden Picture Frames

Transform your wall art with our wooden frame collection, seamlessly blending modern and vintage styles. Our framing experts ensure each frame is crafted with care to your specifications, from the sleek lines of our Gallery Frames to the vintage charm of our Antique Frames.

  • Certificate & Diploma Frames

    Celebrate your hard-earned achievements with our Certificate or Antique frames. Let the silver and gold tones of our frames complement metallic elements in your diploma or certificate.

  • Canvas Float Frames

    Highlight the texture of your canvas paintings or prints with our premium Canvas Floater Frames. Crafted with care, our custom canvas picture framing service lets the nature of your artwork shine while adding a polished, modern touch.

  • Gallery Classic

    Our best-selling Gallery Classic frames, a modern art staple, boast slim wooden profiles in timeless finishes like black, white, and natural maple. With the option to add a spacer each 100% wood profile is as versatile as it is classic.

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