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The Gallery Duo by Shantell Martin

The Gallery Duo by Shantell Martin

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Number of Frames: 2
Exterior Size: 53 x 33"

This Gallery Wall is available with the art you see or to fill with your own personal photos. To purchase with your photos, select "Personal Photos" below and follow the checkout process.  Shortly thereafter, our concierge service will reach out for your photos to complete your personalized gallery wall.
All gallery walls ship ready-to-hang with a custom life-size paper hanging template.

About the Art

Illustration series by Shantell Martin

"WHO ARE YOU is the question. YOU ARE YOU is the destination. Together they become a philosophy of finding your WAY to YAY."
- Shantell Martin

Why we made this

These exclusive gallery walls were designed in collaboration with artists we know and love, and shipped to you ready-to-hang.

We'll include a custom life-size paper hanging template to make hanging your new art easy.


W/ Art Prints:
2x 24x32" Gallery White, 4" 4-Ply Mat

W/ Personal Photos:
2x 24x32" Gallery White, 4" 4-Ply Mat

This Gallery Wall, hung according to our hanging template requires approximately 53" x 33" of total wall space.

Shipping & Returns

Print & Frame orders are placed into production within 1 business day and ship in 3-12 business days. Order before December 5th for delivery before December 25th.

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